About Us

Membership Benefits
  • The MASC provides a legislative voice for the mining community and legislative interaction in the South Carolina House and Senate
  • The MASC is the “Caretaker” of the S.C. Mining Act
  • The MASC holds the “Largest Mining Industry Gathering in the State of S.C.”, The Mining Workshop
  • The MASC assists with Mining Council Representative Recommendations
  • The MASC keeps you abreast of environmental (DHEC) and safety issues (MSHA) on a local and national level
  • The MASC serves the membership as a resource on regulatory affairs by monitoring regulatory developments at the state (DHEC) and national level
  • The MASC assists member mines to address County Zoning Ordinances for mining
  • The MASC routinely holds MSHA Educational Seminars
  • The MASC actively communicates legislative activity to the membership
  • The MASC provides the mining community with a forum for common concerns
  • The MASC communicates the benefits of mining and the mining industry to the public
  • The MASC Board of Directors represents the diverse mining industry in S.C.
  • The MASC provides corporate listings and advertising opportunities in the Mining Directory
  • The MASC provides a social media and public relations campaign to educate the citizens of South Carolina about Mining, and conservation
  • contact@scmines.net